2018: A Year in Review

It’s time for our annual retrospective and we’re happy to report that RIC continued to grow in 2018, as we have over the past several years. We began 2018 by wrapping up two addition projects that were started in 2017. Throughout the year we completed a few remodeling projects and we ended the year with two projects that will wrap up in 2019.

2018 grid.jpg

One of the additions we wrapped up at the beginning of 2018 was finished just in time for a little snow. We highlighted this addition in a previous blog and discussed how the design changed as the project progressed and how the family uses their new space.

2018 addition snow.jpg

 The Boland addition was also wrapped up in early 2018. This project required tearing down previously built additions that weren’t working with the flow of the house. In a recent blog we interviewed the Bolands about how the new addition has affected the way they live in and enjoy their home and how we were able to create more space without adding square footage.

2018 addition boland.jpg

We had a lot of fun working on this mid-century renovation, which was listed by Atlas Realty, but not for long as the home sold immediately.

2018 mid century reno.jpg

 In this whole home remodel, we brought this 70’s gem into the 21st century with modern updates inside and out.

2018 70s reno.jpg

This seemingly small project updated the front facade of a historic museum district home, making a major impact.

2018 facade reno.jpg

We got some excellent energy audit results from a previous remodel. You can find out more about energy audits and how we renovate for efficiency here.

2018 energy audit.jpg

We started two exciting modern addition projects in Church Hill. The bulk of the work is complete and the projects will wrap up in early 2019 – we’re excited to share the final photos!

2018 church hill reno 1.jpg
2018 church hill reno 2.jpg

We also highlighted some of our tenured team mates right here in our blog including designer Bronwen Warner and carpenter Hunter Graham. We also introduced recent addition Pat Madden and introduced our newest project manager -  Gregg Allen.

2018 team mates.jpg

We’ve ended the year with a bigger team – nine total. Our longest tenured employee, Seth Scudder, just passed the seven-year mark! Our average tenure is 2.5 years, with three new folks joining us this year. We think this is a great mix of long-standing people as well as newcomers learning the trade and growing their skills.

2018 development.jpg

 Throughout the year we spent some time on professional development. The team attended the Katz Road Show at Siewers and we attended the SketchUp Basecamp in Palm Springs. We did a little digital remodeling with our friends at Campfire & Co. and launched our new website. 

2018 10 years.jpg

Finally – we celebrated RIC turning 10 years old! There’s a lot to be thankful for over the past year as well as the past 10 years.  We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished and we are excited for what we have ahead! Happy New Year!