RIC design build works on century old homes with the goal of keeping them for around for another 100 years. 

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Our values are the foundation of our firm.

Design and Building Background

RIC design build was started in 2008 by Matthew Warner. Straddling the architecture and construction worlds, Matthew received a BS and Masters in architecture while working in the construction field. At RIC, Matthew has built a team dedicated to reviving older homes so they will be here for another hundred years.


Sustainable, Healthy Design

We focus on sustainable design practices that extend the life of historic homes. We respect the age and architecture of the home, while giving homeowners the modern and energy efficient updates they need. Our approach is a holistic one - considering all aspects of a home’s “health” regardless of project size.

Individualized Attention

RIC is a small company, and we’re proud of that. Because of our size, we only take on a handful of projects at any given time so that we can give our clients the individualized attention they need to get their projects done in a timely manner.


Building a Foundation of Trust

The nature of our work is to be in your home and around your family during the construction process, so we do everything possible to respect your space and ensure you and your family are comfortable throughout the project. Your home is never worked on without the supervision of an RIC team member.

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At RIC, people really matter to us.


RIC design build is a purposefully small company. We enjoy focusing our attention on one or two clients at a time, so we can give them the individualized creativity and time they need. Find out more about our intensely committed and talented team.




Matt Warner
Founder / Owner / Designer / Builder, since 2008

Matt’s time is divided between developing new business, meeting with clients and making sure construction work is running smoothly. He enjoys spending time on the job sites, overseeing the building process and ensuring his clients are happy. What he enjoys most about his work is the direct contact with homeowners and helping them realize their vision and leaving the house in better shape than when he started. When he’s not designing and building custom renovations, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and training for his next marathon.



John-Robert Chinn
Lead Carpenter, since 2014

In his role as lead carpenter, John provides leadership and site management to support our diverse projects. He also takes on guiding and teaching the younger carpenters as well as a lot of coffee drinking. John came to RIC after years of construction, including running his own carpentry business. He and Matt have worked together in the past and are excited to be teamed up again at RIC. When John isn’t working he’s shooting with his buddies (and sometimes his oldest daughter), or watching his kids be awesome.


Ben Bower
Carpenter, since 2019

Ben’s carpentry background includes working on off-grid cabins, sustainable agricultural infrastructure projects and handyman services for neighbors and friends. He approached RIC because he wanted his work to continue to focus on green building practices. From framing to finishing, Ben loves the process of turning raw materials into something beautiful that people can enjoy for generations. 

When he’s not doing that he loves to read, hike, travel and pick the guitar with his partner, Ellen, and their dog, Walter.


Bronwen Warner
Designer, since 2016

Bronwen’s background at architectural firms had her working on projects from large master planning to vacation homes to multifamily developments. Despite this wide array of experience, she has always gravitated toward smaller scale projects and residential work. Bronwen works directly with our clients to help create customized solutions for their needs that consider everything from neighborhood connections to tile to light fixtures and everything in between. Matt and Bronwen have been designing and brainstorming together since their first college studios twenty years ago, and they continue to do the same today at RIC. When she’s not designing for RIC, Bronwen is exploring the outdoors with her three energetic kids, taking road trips around Virginia and the country and exploring a wide variety of creative pursuits including painting, drawing, sewing and print making.


Seth Scudder
Lead Carpenter, since 2010 

As the lead carpenter, Seth sees a project from framing to finishing and oversees each jobsite. Seth has worked in construction and construction management for over 15 years, a job that allows him to help people improve the beauty of the home they love. When he’s not on the jobsite, he’s watching his daughter play softball or his son practicing Tae Kwon Do.

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Nate Bell
Carpenter, since 2018

Nathan grew up in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, learning carpentry alongside his grandfather. He parlayed those passed-down skills into a career after earning a degree from Warren-Wilson College. At RIC he enjoys the learning atmosphere and attention to detail. When he’s not working with us, he’s tinkering on his conversion camper van project, riding his motorcycle or watching basketball.


Pat Madden
Carpenter, since 2017

Pat’s career in the foodservice industry spans over a decade, but after answering a call for carpentry assistants, he moved from the kitchen to the job site. At RIC he loves doing tangible work and seeing the results after a hard day of work. 
When he’s not on the jobsite, you’ll find him hiking, adding to his growing record collection or working in the garden.



Hunter Graham
Carpenter, since 2017

After starting his carpentry career with a large, custom home builder, Hunter was drawn to RIC because of our commitment to sustainable practices. He now assists our lead carpenters with daily tasks, helping projects run smoothly and keeping tools and materials clean, organized and ready for the next job. He enjoys the variety that carpentry work provides - learning and doing new things every day. He especially appreciates the knowledge of his PMs and their commitment to passing it on. When he’s not learning new skills on a job site, Hunter is working on his personal art where he focuses on graphic materials. When there’s snow, he can be found on his snowboard, and when there’s not, he can be found riding his skateboard around town. But no matter what the weather, Hunter can be found seeking out and enjoying great food - his ultimate passion.


Gregory Allen
Production Manager, since 2018

Gregory thrives on the organizational skills and coordination required to manage a project as a lead carpenter. Before RIC he worked in project management for national construction companies, but came to us with a desire to both lead, organize and throw a tool belt on and get his hands dirty. Even when he's not on a job site, he enjoys being outside canoeing, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. 




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