Team Mates Matter: Seth Scudder

As a small and nimble team, we count on our project managers having a diverse set of skills and experiences so it’s no surprise that our longest standing PM, Seth Scudder, has exactly that.

With over two decades in commercial and residential construction, Seth brings incredible value to every jobsite he manages.


Seth started his construction career in steel work and commercial construction - often working on churches, schools, and other large buildings where he had a truly on-the-job education. After a few years of commercial work, he moved into more high-end residential construction which is how he met RIC owner, Matt Warner.

After Matt began his own company, he and Seth reconnected and since 2010, Seth has been managing projects and helping our clients improve the beauty of the home they love. Because of his background in large, commercial construction, Seth has a particularly good eye for seeing every step and aspect of the process.  “When I look at plans, I have a good feel for what it’s going to take to accomplish what’s on paper” Seth says. While this seems like a simple concept, not every carpenter has that vision as well as the skills to get it done. This talent allows him to identify issues and solve them before they ever occur.

Seth enjoys the personal connections he gets to build with his clients at RIC. He also enjoys the flexibility of being able to work one-on-one with a homeowner to discuss design details and make adjustments as necessary. Our PM’s are usually only managing one project at a time, so they can give the client and project their undivided attention. “The process is not always glamorous - you might be digging footings or putting up framing, but if these steps are done well and correctly, it speeds up the process” he says.

Seth’s favorite projects to work on are additions. He enjoys that these projects encompass all the steps of new construction with the added challenge of fitting into the puzzle of the original home. “With these larger projects, I get to be involved with and see the entire process.” But he doesn’t do it alone. Seth points out that his current carpentry assistants, Hunter and Pat, are also amazing at what they do and bring a lot of value to a project.  

There is also a lot of camaraderie with the other project managers, Steve and John. They often share ideas, lend a hand when extra work is needed on a project and they each bring their own strength to the jobsite. Seth says he sees John as the expert in fine trim details, Steve as the king of coordinating jobs and organization and he brings the structural process vision to the team. We can’t argue with that.

When Seth isn’t managing one of our projects, you’ll find him fishing on Cape Hatteras, watching his daughter run cross-country or taking his son to basketball games or tae kwon do classes.